NASCAR’s Kyle Busch on hockey, winning a WWE title

Pro wrestling, hockey, and racing form an offbeat but fitting triumvirate for plenty of sports (and “sports entertainment?”) fans.

Personally, I can speak to seeing a ton of crossover between NHL and WWE fans, and it’s highly likely that plenty are also into NASCAR. Bonus points if you’re into all three.

NASCAR driver Kyle Busch was sporting a personalized Nashville Predators sweater while discussing busy times with NBCSN’s Pierre McGuire on Tuesday, as you can see in the video above. Busch talks up both the Vegas Golden Knights and Nashville Predators, while also recanting his brief run as WWE’s 24/7 champion.

(It seems like a minor missed opportunity that Busch didn’t lose to Bobby Roode, whose entrance music often plays during Predators games, but you can’t win them all.)

Busch also discussed the Rolex 24, which will air on NBCSN and the NBC Sports App on Jan. 21-27. (More info on that here.)

Speaking of NBCSN, the Predators are hosting the Tampa Bay Lightning right now. You can stream that game here.

Joey Logano also appeared on NBCSN on Tuesday:

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