Scheifele scores after Chara basically lifted his stick out of the rink


So, uh, wow.

Look, we all know that Zdeno Chara is strong, sometimes terrifyingly so.

Even taking Chara’s remarkable strength into account, Thursday presented daunting evidence of his power, as the Boston Bruins defenseman basically stick-lifted Mark Scheifele‘s stick into the crowd.

As you can see from the GIF, it’s the hockey equivalent to a homer that is “still traveling.”

This post’s main screen shot features some haphazard MS Paint-style work to show the stick’s trajectory, and it’s not even the highest point:


That brawny showing of might apparently didn’t stop Scheifele for long, though.

Not long after, Scheifele scored a goal after a great setup by Patrik Laine … possibly with that same stick? It sure seems that way, considering how soon Scheifele scored.

Either way, that sequence is a lot to take in, and should be used whenever Bruins fans try to tell Paul Bunyan/Bill Brasky-style tall tales about Chara.

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