Flames’ Hathaway tossed after turn-buckling Wild’s Kunin


You’ve seen this before, but it usually doesn’t happen in the NHL.

Calgary Flames forward Garnet Hathaway might have gotten away with this one if he was a wrestler in WWE, but on Saturday night he was an NHLer in a hockey game against the Minnesota Wild, where slamming a guys head into the boards is frowned upon.

Hathaway did just that to Wild forward Luke Kunin early in the second period. Kunin looked to hit Hathaway near the Wild bench but Hathaway had his head up and was able to evade the check before putting his arm over Kunin’s head and bringing it down onto the top of the dasher board.

The result looked ugly:

Hathaway was given a match penalty for intent to injure on the play. Kunin, meanwhile, left the game for a time before returning to the Wild bench.

This one will be debated. It looked a lot less malicious at full speed (more of an awkward situation than anything), but when you slow the video of it down, it looks worse for Hathaway.

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