Fight: Evander Kane ragdolls Zdeno Chara after hit, everything happens


Anyone with eyes – nay, a single sense, really – knows that you’d be wise not to mess with Zdeno Chara. Tuesday provided evidence that you’d be wise not to mix it up with Evander Kane, either.

The threat of bodily harm wasn’t limited to Erik Karlsson re-injuring his groin during the Tuesday’s Boston Bruins – San Jose Sharks game, as things had been getting pretty nasty.

The most eyebrow-raising exchange happened between the Sharks power forward and Bruins blueliner, however. The two seemed to be mixing it up for a while, and Chara delivered a questionable hit. Kane took Chara by surprise and basically ragdolled him (!) into a fight, which mostly amounted to Kane covering up and protecting himself from an enraged Chara (which, yes, was smart).

NBC Sports California’s Brodie Brazil points to two of those moments, to be specific. Here’s a GIF specifically of Chara’s hit on Kane:

And the aforementioned ragdolling.

Wow. You don’t see that everyday, which is likely for the best — just think of the property damage, as this was essentially hockey’s answer to a clash of the titans.

*Hides, shivering, under covers.*