Pass or Fail: Lightning go ‘stealth mode’ with third jerseys


The Tampa Bay Lightning unveiled their new third jersey in conjunction with Adidas on Thursday, and if I had to describe them in a glib way, I’d call them the unofficial hockey sweaters of the DC Comics’ Extended Cinematic Universe.

As the amusingly descriptive rollout notes, the Lightning’s new third jersey includes three “colors,” with marketing buzzword-y names: “midnight black, storm grey, and flash silver.”

This breakdown with Brayden Point looks like it should be happening in “The Batcave.”

But, hey, some people really dig them, and maybe you’ll become one of those people. Here’s a look at different components of the sweater.

This introductory video is so “Batman” it might as well be titled “The Dark Light.”

If you prefer it in written form, they introduced the third jersey with this paragraph, with the hashtag #DisruptTheNight.

Lightning is a brilliant collision of a million forces. Particles crash, then unite as one, to create a luminous whole with electrified might. Its transformative pattern reveals itself within the deepest of blacks, echoing the union of our thunderous fans, each a singular element, who fuse together in the shared ritual of Lightning Hockey. A bold, modern design influenced by speed, innovation and a new interpretation of the past, this is the new Lightning Third Jersey.

Well, alrighty then. Finally, here they are in motion:

What do you think of them?

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