Bruins’ Miller fights Canadiens’ Deslauriers

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It doesn’t take much for the Bruins and Canadiens to rile each other up, but Monday’s game gets a little extra juice because both teams are jockeying for playoff position in the East races.

Perhaps that sense of tension – and rivalry – inspired Kevan Miller and Nicolas Deslauriers to engage in such a fierce fight?

Some especially interesting moments:

  • Looks like the fight was motioned closer to center ice. Nice nod to showmanship.
  • Miller actually turns his back during a quick rotation midway through the fight, and gets away with it.
  • But overall, there’s just quite a bit of vicious fighting, despite it being a pretty quick fight.

Through the first period, the game is tied 1-1. Will we see more fights as this one goes along? Maybe, maybe not, but it should be a good watch on NBCSN either way.


Oh, and this wasn’t their first fight. They also dropped the gloves back in October 2014, when Deslauriers was a member of the Buffalo Sabres:

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