Reaves, Carrier play Santa, elf to spread Christmas cheer

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Ryan “Santa” Reaves and William “Elf” Carrier were out spreading Christmas cheer on Saturday afternoon.

Reaves, decked out in a Santa suit, and Carrier, who had his elf garb on, greeted kids in style as they rolled in on a carriage with two ponies dressed as reindeer leading the way.

“Santa is going to roll up to the rink and bring some kids that, maybe, don’t have the luxury of coming to a hockey game, bring them some toys, some VGK swag and tell them they’re coming to the game,” Reaves said in a video done by the Golden Knights.

Gotta believe it was hot in both of those suits, being the desert and all.

We’re not sure if Reaves will make it as a singer once his career is over.

Santa, however, he might have a shot at.

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