Maple Leafs’ Matthews returns from injury in style

Associated Press

We all saw this coming, right?

I’m not the only one, surely.

The script was always going to read like this:

Auston Matthews returns. Auston Matthews sets up a goal. Auston Matthews scores a goal.

And that was all just in the first scene… err… period.

There’s no point in reminding everyone of the kind of talent Matthews possesses. There’s video for that sort of thing.

Here’s the assist on John Tavares‘ first goal of the first frame. Tic-tac-goal, as the saying goes.

The pass was nice and all. Standard fare from Matthews.

Kind of like the goal he scored.

Snipe city on this one.

Matthews hasn’t skipped a single beat since going down with an injury on Oct. 27. A 14-game hiatus? Matthews laughs at the thought of rink rust.

Not that we should have expected any less.

UPDATE: Matthews scored a second goal for a three-point night.

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