Patrick Dwyer attempts creative ‘pants goal’ for Belfast Giants

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Patrick Dwyer’s been in and around the professional hockey game for a long time, so he’s seen a lot of things. The former Carolina Hurricane is now plying his trade with the EIHL’s Belfast Giants — creators of the greatest hockey Christmas video of all-time — and tried to score a pretty unique goal on Saturday against the Milton Keynes Lightning.

With the Giants holding a 3-0 second period lead, Darcy Murphy’s shot ended up getting caught in Dwyer’s pants in front of the Milton Keynes net. As everyone else tried to figure out where the puck went, the quick-thinking Dwyer, who was sitting on a hat trick, backed his butt into the goal hoping it would count.

Sadly, it would not, and the world was robbed of a “pants goal.”

(Alexander Wennberg of the Columbus Blue Jackets had a somewhat similar goal back when he was playing in Sweden in 2012. That one counted.)

“It was one of those that got stuck in my pants and when I realized, I figured I’d back myself into the net and get the puck in there and see what happens,” Dwyer said afterward. “Unfortunately, it was a ruling where they said the puck was dead in their minds before it went into the net. It would have been cool to tell that story the rest of my life, but it was fun and it was a good laugh on the bench.”

The Giants would go on to win 7-0 and Dwyer remains second in the EIHL with five non-pants goals in their first six games played.


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