Trade: Coyotes get Alex Galchenyuk, Canadiens gamble on Max Domi


The Montreal Canadiens and Arizona Coyotes have been aggressive in making big trades over the last few years. On Friday night, they combined to make the first big swap of what could be a very busy summer.

Coyotes receive: Alex Galchenyuk

Canadiens receive: Max Domi

Wow. This is one of those hard-to-believe-your-eyes trades. Although, again, Habs GM Marc Bergevin is happy to entertain us with bold trades. Of course some would replace “entertain us” with “make us laugh.”

As of this writing, this seems like a big win for the Coyotes, who showed some impatience with their station in the West cellar last summer by anteing up for Derek Stepan and Antti Raanta. GM John Chayka didn’t allow a disappointing season to discourage him from adding more immediate talent.

On paper, Galchenyuk stands as the more intriguing talent, indeed.

He scored 19 goals and 51 points during what was mostly a lost season for Montreal. “Chucky” is already a proven scorer in the NHL, as he’s scored 30 goals once, 20 goals one other time, and generated 50+ points in two of his past three seasons.

Even so, Galchenyuk felt a lot like the next P.K. Subban: a talented player who was seemingly always on the verge of being out the door, even after signing a new contract. The 24-year-old will carry a manageable $4.9 million cap hit through the next two seasons in Arizona, and then he’ll be eligible for unrestricted free agency.

In the case of Domi, there are a lot of “What if?” facets.

For one thing, the 23-year-old needs a new contract as an RFA.

It will be intriguing to see what kind of deal he nets. Bergevin wasn’t shy about paying Jonathan Drouin before playing a single game with Montreal, as Drouin received a massive six-year, $33M contract shortly after the ill-fated (for now?) trade involving Mikhail Sergachev.

This trade could look brighter in retrospect if the Canadiens sign Domi to a cheap contract, especially if they guess right and also lock him up for term. There’s a dream scenario where this works out like a lower level version of signing Max Pacioretty to bargain deal.

Montreal’s side of the trade could also age nicely if Domi’s shooting luck turns around. Thanks to a decent finish, he saved his 2017-18 season in a relative way, scoring nine goals after heading into February with just three, but that’s still not exactly the goal total you’d seek when you’re trading away a promising player such as Galchenyuk.

The key for Domi will be to generate a renewed confidence. He only connected on six percent of his shots on goal this past season, and only fired 150, less than two per night. Domi’s only generated an 8.7 shooting percentage during his 222-game career.

Is that a sign of poor shooting talent, or is it mere bad luck? If the answer is closer to “bad luck,” then Montreal might just be clever like a fox with this trade.

One side note is that this also ends the often-aggravating discussion about Galchenyuk’s competence as a center. He’ll likely get that chance to prove himself down the middle, but either way, a change of scenery could be refreshing for both forwards. (Domi, meanwhile, has consistently been a winger.)

Let’s not forget that they’re both entering their primes at nearly the same ages (again, Domi is 23 and Galchenyuk is 24). A lot can change.

Still, as of this writing, you’d reasonably argue that Galchenyuk has already shown the production that Montreal will hope to see from Domi. Right now, this seems like a big win – a really big win, honestly – for the Coyotes, and another strikeout for a wildly swinging, rarely connecting GM in Bergevin.

Time will tell if that reaction is correct, or if Bergevin finally pulled off a trick. Unless maybe he has something else up his sleeves that will make this move seem a little smarter?

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Predators’ Arvidsson fined $2,000 under NHL diving policy

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NEW YORK (AP) — Nashville Predators forward Viktor Arvidsson has been fined $2,000 by the NHL under the league’s rules regarding diving and embellishment.

NHL Rule 64 was designed to penalize players who repeatedly dive and embellish in an attempt to draw penalties. A player gets a warning for a first citation and a $2,000 fine for the second citation.

League officials said Arvidsson received a warning following an incident Dec. 27 against Pittsburgh. His second citation occurred during an incident in the first period of a Jan. 7 game with Boston that resulted in coincidental minor penalties on Arvidsson and Bruins forward Brad Marchand.

Fine proceeds go to the players’ emergency assistance fund.

Fans troll with Tkachuk billboard, charities end up the big winners

Tkachuk billboard Kassian Flames Oilers
via CJAY 92
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Matthew Tkachuk‘s trolling made a great impact, and not just by earning the Flames a power play. Thanks to enterprising Flames and Oilers fans, a drive to put up a Tkachuk billboard in Edmonton morphed into something much more, raising a ton of money – more than $50K overall, it seems – for charitable causes.

It’s the sort of thing that might even make Zack Kassian smile.

[Catch up on the feud: Kassian threatens Tkachuk after suspension; witness the carnage]

This began with a modest Tkachuk billboard meant to gently torment

The ball really got (t)rolling when Mohamed Elsaghir (self-proclaimed “second most-hated man in Edmonton after Matthew Tkachuk) started a GoFundMe drive to put up Tkachuk billboards to torment Oilers fans.

CTV’s Glenn Campbell chronicles how that amusing idea morphed into something much bigger. Not only are Tkachuk billboards going up, but the process looks like it will raise at least $20K for ALS research.

The viral sensation drew the attention of Calgary radio station CJAY 92, which is owned by Bell Media. That connection made the billboards happen, and oh are the designs ever glorious:

With the billboards taken care of by CJAY 92/Bell Media, Elsaghir instead shifted the focus of that $10K donation drive to combating ALS. Elsaghir noted that proceeds will be donated to Snowy Strong for ALS in honor of Flames assistant GM Chris Snow’s battle with the disease. To make it even better, entrepreneur W. Brett Wilson pledged to match that $10K, pushing the money raised to $20K and counting.

Oh, and even that doesn’t cover the extent of the money raised by the raised ire between Tkachuk and Kassian.

Oilers fans get into the charitable, trolling spirit, too

Edmonton resident Samantha Costa made about a $25 donation to Calgary charity Brown Bagging It “in honor of Kassian.” That charity seeks to serve needy children with lunches. With that in mind, Costa ended her tweet with a nice barb:I chose @BrownBaggingIt so that kids can get a proper meal and grow up to be tougher than Tkachuk.”

Well, Costa’s tweet went viral, too.

To make this all more delightful, Brown Bagging It has been sharing updates that indicate this side of “The Charitable Battle of Alberta” will be competitive, too.


Flames and Oilers meet again soon, and will get to see the Tkachuk billboard

Other NHL trash-talkers need to step their games up now, to be frank. Brad Marchand needs to lick this one now, is what I’m saying.

The Tkachuk billboard notes that the Flames – Oilers “the friendship tour” continues in Edmonton on Jan. 29. After that, the two teams meet in Calgary on Feb. 1. They also close out the regular season in Calgary on April 4.

Kassian vs. Tkachuk Part II already ranked as must-watch hockey, and a potential mess for the NHL. Following this inspiring charitable drive, it’s even more exciting. Honestly, “The Battle of Alberta” just keeps piling on reasons to cross our fingers for a playoff series.

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Pass or Fail: LA Kings’ 2020 Stadium Series jerseys

adidas / Kings
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One day after the Colorado Avalanche showed off their jerseys for next month’s Stadium Series game, the Los Angeles Kings revealed what they will wear when they hit the ice at at Falcon Stadium on Feb. 15 (8 p.m. ET; NBC).

As is tradition for Stadium Series games, the design is very unique and out there. The black, white, and silver is there along with the LA from their regular jerseys “taking flight” since the game will take place on the campus of the Air Force Academy.

adidas / Kings

Now while you’re maybe distracted by the black and white of the jerseys and the sweet white gloves, do not overlook one neat feature: the shiny silver helmets.

adidas / Kings

Some additional notes from adidas:

Crest: A new L.A. crest takes flight on diagonal bisected blocking, inspired by aircraft battle stripes.

Design: The architecture of the venue’s Air Force Academy, coupled with a pilot’s ambition to push to the edge, inspired the oblique angles used to shape the jersey’s typography and numbering. A checkerboard design graphic is implemented along the neckline.

What do you think? The black, white, and silver against the burgundy, blue, and white will be an interesting look on the ice.

MORE: Avalanche reveal 2020 Stadium Series jersey

The 2020 Stadium Series game between the Avalanche and Kings will take place Feb. 15 at Air Force Academy’s Falcon Stadium in Colorado Springs, Colo.. The game will air on NBC at 8 p.m. ET.


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Bad news on Hurricanes’ Hamilton: broken bone in leg

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(Update: the Hurricanes announced that Dougie Hamilton underwent leg surgery. The timeline remains unclear, as he’s considered out indefinitely.)

The Carolina Hurricanes and others hoped that Hamilton’s nasty injury looked worse than it was. Unfortunately, the result is pretty bad: Hamilton suffered a broken fibula (broken bone in his left leg) on Thursday.

You can watch and cringe at Hamilton’s bad luck in the video above.

Michael Smith of the Hurricanes website confirmed the broken fibula, stating that Hamilton may undergo surgery as soon as Friday. Smith noted that a recovery timeline might become known later tonight. Either way, it’s clear that this is a huge loss for the Hurricanes.

Hurricanes teammate Jaccob Slavin replaced Hamilton on the 2020 NHL All-Star Game roster.

What Hamilton broken fibula injury might mean to Hurricanes

The Hurricanes face a small margin of error after losing Hamilton and Thursday’s game to the Blue Jackets. Looking at the standings, it’s tough to imagine them wading into the Metro’s top three, while the bubble race could be tight:

Speculating on how long Hamilton might be out is pretty tricky. A commenter in this thread pointed out that Jason Zucker returned from a break in as little as four weeks. On the other hand, Nick Kypreos notes that Hamilton’s Hurricanes teammate Jordan Staal missed half of a season with a similar injury.

Plenty of injuries are tough to figure, and that’s quite true with breaks.

The bottom line is that even an optimistic recovery window would be painful for Carolina. Earlier in January, Adam Gretz broke down why Hamilton ranks as one of the best defensemen in the NHL.

In a nutshell: Hamilton provides explosive offensive (14 goals[!] and 40 points [!!] in 47 games this season) while being better defensively than his critics realize. This Hockey Viz Heat Map tells much of the story:

So, yeah, this hurts a lot for Hurricanes team that could be in quite the battle (most likely) for one of the East’s two wild-card spots. Perhaps it might even push the Hurricanes to try to find some help on the trade market?

James O’Brien is a writer for Pro Hockey Talk on NBC Sports. Drop him a line at or follow him on Twitter @cyclelikesedins.