Catapults, Michael Buffer: Intro to Game 1 of Stanley Cup Final had it all


Grab a bowl full of “Game of Thrones,” spice generously with Medieval Times, and turn everything up to 11 like “Spinal Tap” and you have the Vegas Golden Knights’ introduction for Game 1 of the 2018 Stanley Cup Final. Apparently fancy archers weren’t enough, either, as they decided to bring out catapults.

Yes, it was as over-the-top as many of us hoped for. If you’re the grumpy purist type, and you’re not used to it yet, then this presentation probably only made your blood boil more.

Oh yeah, there was also Michael Buffer announcing the Golden Knights’ and Washington Capitals’ lineups, not to mention Lil Jon and Criss Angel revving up the crowd. Click the clip below if you’re ready to rumble.

It’s a good thing that Vegas is overflowing with celebrities (from the red-hot to the washed-up), because other markets would probably worry about running out of star power by Game 2.

Instead, we’re expecting even more fireworks (some literal, more figurative).

Enjoy that zany, fun presentation in the video above this post’s headline.

The action on the ice should be thrilling and fascinating, too, of course, You can watch Game 1 live on NBC and stream it via this link.

Before we go, a sample of the happier reactions:

… And one fun-killer

Hey, you can’t win them all.

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