Sorry Matt Duchene, these sad memes are pretty funny


Even when Matt Duchene does the right thing, it feels like he can’t win.

Duchene was quite the trooper for showing up to Colorado Avalanche training camp this week, saying all the right things. And, hey, this is on the Avalanche for handling this situation with the poise of someone handling a live hand grenade.

That said, footage of Duchene at a video/photo shoot with very much a not wanting to be there facial expression allowed Hockey Twitter to run with many memes. Apologies to Duchene, but some of this stuff is just gold.

The highlight might be applying the “Ben Affleck, sad at a press junket” meme to Duchene.

That might be the best of the bunch, but there are plenty of other gems.

This “Office Space” comparison matches up well, and thus works on multiple levels:

Nicely done here:

A fun throwback to Olympic disappointment:

And, naturally, you must have a Simpsons reference.

These seem to all be in good fun, right?

While Twitter provided cheeky shenanigans, the Avalanche’s seem more cruel and tragic.

That’s harsh.

There are still rumblings that a Duchene trade could happen soon. If not, an abundance of memes may stand as one of the lone bright spots.