Kings, Golden Knights are already trash-talking each other (on Twitter)


As an expansion team, the Vegas Golden Knights need to do some legwork to drum up some rivalries.

Granted, Nashville Predators fans (or at least GM David Poile) might grumble when the Golden Knights roll out James Neal. But for the most part, Vegas has some work to do, especially if they struggle like just about every expansion team has in sports history.

They say that you should keep your friends close and your enemies closer, so regional and divisional rivals stand as natural adversaries.

Now, it’s understandable if you dismiss a Twitter battle as a … well, nerd war. But the Los Angeles Kings and Golden Knights at least provided a deliciously salty one on Wednesday.

It began with a little pre-season scoreboarding by the Kings:

The Golden Knights didn’t take too kindly with that, even claiming that the Kings’ Twitter feed has regressed.

That was just the beginning, as the Kings may or may not have evoked the Spice Girls in response:

After holding all those cards in the expansion draft and enjoying a clean slate salary-cap wise, the Golden Knights provided a pretty good comeback:

Here’s hoping the on-ice rivalry develops at the same rate as this online one is developing. It almost feels like the NHL equivalent of that Roman Reigns – John Cena “worked shoot.”

Update: These two will probably continue to trade barbs.