Connor McDavid might be … really funny?


Another day, another funny advertisement featuring Connor McDavid.

At first, it seemed like the Edmonton Oilers megastar was merely holding his own in this great set of “shooting challenge” ads with San Jose Sharks star-wookie Brent Burns.

Allow me to admit some guilt in possibly not giving McDavid enough credit for his half of that CCM haul, as he sure seemed to chirp Burns quite well. You could argue that he got the better of one of the oddest, most enjoyable players in the league in Burns.

The bigger question might be if McDavid is worthy of an “SNL” hosting gig, as this spot/bit he did for “NHL 18” was truly inspired work.

Dropping “Corsi” and dressing up as a fancy stats kid was the highlight:

Now, after a couple years of McDavid giving monotone interviews that seemed to come straight from the Sidney Crosby School of Cliches, it was tempting to write him off as the next, bland star.

It wouldn’t be surprising to see McDavid continue that trend, at least with the traditional press. After all, what motivation does McDavid really have to go too deep, especially since certain media members might be more eager to criticize him than others? (Heavens forbid if McDavid likes hot dogs and the Oilers happen to lose some games.)

Even if we must only savor these moments in commercials, they’ve been great. And, hey, McDavid was also a great sport once this awkward photo went viral, so maybe we’ll get more from the speedy center than many expected.

Hey, he already inked that $12.5 million deal. That’s as close as you’ll see to “hockey tenure,” so maybe¬†that will prompt McDavid to continue cutting loose?