Shea Weber races horse in delightfully odd McDonald’s ad (Video)


There are plenty of reasons to compare Shea Weber to a horse, at least in figurative ways.

You may refer to him as a “horse” on the blueline, considering his rugged style and bulky workload. Perhaps it takes horse-like strength to fire a puck through a net with a memorable slapper at the 2010 Winter Olympics.

Along the way, such parallels must have set off a light bulb for a very abstract thinker working for McDonald’s Canadian wing, as they decided to put together the bizarre-wonderful “Mighty” ad featuring Weber outracing a horse. Absorb that wonderful weirdness in the video above.

And, hey, there’s a making of video, too.

One might ultimately deem it “Certified Mighty Strange.”

Naturally, the Internet covered the joke bases here masterfully.