Report: Teams will be penalized for unsuccessful offside challenges


There were warnings in June about the possible impact a failed offside challenge might have on the team that asked for the review.

Well, it appears the NHL will be implementing a change for the upcoming season. An unsuccessful offside challenge in the past came with the loss of a team’s timeout. Not the case anymore, according to a report on Wednesday.

From Elliotte Friedman of Sportsnet:

From now on, a failed offside challenge will result in a two-minute penalty against the club asking for the review. It’s a potentially powerful infraction. Can you imagine a team in a tight game giving up a goal it thought was offside, losing the challenge, then having to withstand an immediate power-play opportunity? It’s going to make bench bosses much more wary — and ratchet up the pressure on video coaches.

Incorrect goaltender interference reviews stay the same — the loss of your timeout. That’s probably a wise decision, since there’s much more grey area than with an offside call.

When it comes to the offside review, there was controversy during Game 1 of the 2017 Stanley Cup Final after P.K. Subban‘s opening goal was overturned when officials determined Filip Forsberg was offside as he handled the puck along the boards at the Pittsburgh blue line.