NHL teams celebrate National Dog Day

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Sometimes you want to dig deep into the Vancouver Canucks’ off-season and prospects for 2017-18. Scroll around for more of that fun.

Sometimes, you just want to look at pictures of dogs and/or hockey players. And, really, what better time to paw at some puppy pics than #NationalDogDay?

This isn’t a comprehensive deal, but here are some of the NHL’s dog-day-dealings that stand out. In some cases, the individual tweets are the beginning of threads including even more doggos, so this post could be a helpful resource for smiles.

To kick things off, the NHL provided this heartwarming clip:

The Arizona Coyotes claim dog(-ish?) mascot superiority …

… But the Colorado Avalanche would respectfully disagree.

The Canadiens shared some of their fans’ best dogs, and this one might be the biggest winner (though this one is tough to beat):

There are, of course, plenty of shots of players with their dogs. T.J. Brodie, for example, shared a great shot:

Marc-Edouard Vlasic and his family, which hopefully includes a pooch named Pickle.

More dog fun at PHT:

Matt Murray, pup, Stanley Cup.

Dog gets ice time with puck.

Hampus Lindholm’s absurdly cute, skate-sized puppy.