Sedins out to prove they can still play at ‘high level’


The Sedin twins turn 37 in September, and there’s only a year left on their contracts.

Naturally, the topic of their future is a big one in Vancouver, where the Canucks are struggling through a transition to a younger roster with the knowledge that Henrik and Daniel can’t play forever.

The twins had a very tough 2016-17 that saw their production fall to a combined 94 points — 50 for Henrik, just 44 for Daniel — despite both of them appearing in all 82 games.

As of today, they can’t say if next year will be their last, or if there’ll be a desire to sign on for another.

But one thing’s for sure: last year’s production was not acceptable for the former Art Ross Trophy winners.

“We think about our future on a regular basis, and we’ve said we’re going to take it year by year now,” Henrik Sedin told recently. “This year, we want to prove we can still play at a high level, and that’s up to us to do. And we know that if we do, it’ll be easier to answer those questions later in the year. So that’s our mindset.”

The Sedins have never indicated an interest in playing anywhere but Vancouver, and management has said it expects them to retire as Canucks.

But if management decides it’s best to move on after next season, and the twins aren’t ready to retire … well, you just never know.