PHT’s ‘Team of the Day’ series starts tomorrow (Aug. 1)


Every August, we focus on one NHL team per day and run through all its issues and looming questions for the upcoming season.

This August, we won’t even be left with one extra day, as thanks to the addition of Vegas, the NHL now has as many teams as days in the month.

How convenient!

Tomorrow, we’ll start out with the Boston Bruins, followed by the rest of the Atlantic Division. By next Wednesday, we’ll be onto the Central, beginning with Nashville. The Metropolitan will be next, and we’ll finish with the Pacific, wrapping up with the Golden Knights on the 31st.

The schedule:

Aug. 1: Boston
Aug. 2: Buffalo
Aug. 3: Detroit
Aug. 4: Toronto
Aug. 5: Florida
Aug. 6: Ottawa
Aug. 7: Montreal
Aug. 8: Tampa Bay
Aug. 9: Nashville
Aug. 10: Chicago
Aug. 11: Dallas
Aug. 12: Winnipeg
Aug. 13: Colorado
Aug. 14: St. Louis
Aug. 15: Minnesota
Aug. 16: Washington
Aug. 17: Pittsburgh
Aug. 18: NY Rangers
Aug. 19: Carolina
Aug. 20: New Jersey
Aug. 21: NY Islanders
Aug. 22: Columbus
Aug. 23: Philadelphia
Aug. 24: Los Angeles
Aug. 25: Edmonton
Aug. 26: Vancouver
Aug. 27: Arizona
Aug. 28: Calgary
Aug. 29: San Jose
Aug. 30: Anaheim
Aug. 31: Las Vegas

We hope you enjoy the series. Feel free to suggest any post ideas in the comments section below.