Report: Carolina Hurricanes ‘close’ to being sold


The Carolina Hurricanes may have found a new owner that’s willing to keep them in Raleigh.

According to Bloomberg’s Scott Soshnick, the former Managing Partner and CEO of MLB’s Texas Rangers, Chuck Greenberg, is “close” to a deal worth approximately $500 million to buy the ‘Canes.

The Hurricanes’ current owner, Peter Karmanos, has been exploring sale options for a while now. As time passed, reports emerged that he’d be willing to sell, even if the team was relocated. And weren’t hockey fans in Quebec City happy to hear that.

But NHL commissioner Gary Bettman has repeatedly shot down any relocation speculation.

“There’s no imperative for the franchise to be sold on any immediate basis, and the franchise is not moving,” Bettman said in January.

Karmanos, who moved the franchise from Hartford in 1997, has guaranteed that “the Hurricanes will not become the Nordiques.”

As for the potential new owner, differences with partner Nolan Ryan led to Greenberg’s resignation from the Rangers in 2011. (For more on that, click here.)

Greenberg then considered buying the Dallas Stars, only for them to be sold to Tom Gaglardi.


This from reporter Jeff Gravley of WRAL-TV in Raleigh: