Report: Four teams have contacted pending UFA Doan


Shane Doan will hit the free agent market tomorrow after the Coyotes recently announced they were parting ways with their longtime captain.

There is, according to reports, interest in the 40-year-old forward, who is coming off a six-goal, 27-point campaign in Arizona this past season.

Per Craig Morgan of Arizona Sports, four teams have contacted Doan’s agent Terry Bross.

Immediately following the Coyotes’ decision, which was criticized for the way it was handled, Doan expressed a desire to continue playing, in part as a way to prove to Arizona that he could still be an effective player.

He’s one year removed from a 28-goal season, but he’s also 40 — as earlier stated — and the game has never been quicker at the NHL level. With that in mind, it would be interesting to see exactly how another coach would utilize him throughout the course of a season.

“I think I’m probably a lot closer to (his 2015-16, 28-goal season) than I am the year that I had (in 2016-17),” Doan told the Burns and Gambo Show.

“As a player, I need emotion and I need heart in order for me to be effective and I think I kind of let that get away from me last year. That’s 100 per cent my fault … but I know I can be better. So I want to answer that.”