Jaromir Jagr is having fun with his (supposed) lack of offers


Whether it’s growing out his mullet or making old jokes, Jaromir Jagr is having a great time during his “elder statesman” phase.

(It’s probably more fun, if a lot less lucrative, then his “occasionally scapegoated superstar” days.)

Not long ago, reports surfaced that Jagr might need to take a slight cut in pay to return to the Florida Panthers next season.

There are plenty of reports swirling about other free agents getting teams to line up for them, causing Jagr some frustration … or at least some faux frustration. Either way, he delighted the Internet with some self deprecating tweets on Thursday.

It started with this:

And then he topped himself, with Jagr almost doing his own version of the “You vs. the guy she told you not to worry about” meme.

Fantastic, and also where did that vintage Jagr photo come from? Is that a tennis racket? Glorious.

Let’s hope the 45-year-old sticks around for another free agency period, if for nothing more than the Twitter gold.