McPhee: ‘We’re going to be a good team’


Vegas GM George McPhee has “at least” six trades completed ahead of tomorrow’s expansion draft, and there could be a couple of more to go.

McPhee had originally said that yesterday was the deadline to make trades.

“There were a few GMs who had some travel issues last night who requested to talk today, so we’ve agreed to do that,” McPhee said this morning. “We hope to wrap that up soon, and then start picking our team.”

Teams that reportedly could have deals with the Golden Knights include Tampa Bay, Columbus, Chicago, Anaheim, and the Islanders.

Despite those deals that may keep some good players from moving to Vegas, McPhee sounded happy with the list he’ll be able to submit tomorrow morning.

“We’ve done well at all the positions,” he said, per “We have lots of defensemen, lots of centers, and a little more scoring than we anticipated.”

He added, “We’re going to have to move some defensemen, because we’re going to claim a bunch.”