In order to ‘accelerate our process,’ Vegas GM wants to acquire more draft picks


The big day is almost here.

Next Wednesday, the Vegas Golden Knights will make their selections in the expansion draft, building their roster for their inaugural NHL campaign in October.

But it also appears that general manager George McPhee is also looking to pick up additional draft picks in order to build the prospect talent pool for the long-term future of his club.

Right now, the Golden Knights have seven picks in this year’s entry draft — one in every round — including the sixth overall pick.

From USA Today:

McPhee said the Golden Knights’ objective is to find the “right balance” between putting a competitive team on the ice quickly and acquiring enough draft picks to expedite their building process.

“You usually have seven draft picks, but if we could have two or three drafts where we have 10 or 12 picks, it would accelerate our process,” McPhee said.

McPhee said he is also listening to offers from teams looking to dump a contract. He said he will proceed cautiously in that direction.

“We’re keeping an eye on the money, because it adds up in a hurry,” he said.

McPhee and the Golden Knights have already been connected to a few trade rumors.

One such report from the Columbus Dispatch suggested Vegas and the Blue Jackets already have a deal in place ahead of the expansion draft, and it could include a prospect or draft pick going to the Golden Knights.


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