McGuire to host ‘Round Table Rally’ after Vegas expansion draft


If you want instant feedback following the announcement of the Vegas Golden Knights’ roster, you won’t need to change the channel from NBCSN.

Pierre McGuire will host the “Round Table Rally” immediately following the 2017 NHL Awards, which will kick off on NBCSN at 8 p.m. ET on Wednesday, June 21. As you likely know, the Golden Knights’ roster will be announced during the awards show, so McGuire will host a recap of the picks.

He’ll get reactions from Golden Knights owner Bill Foley and GM George McPhee, along with “select newly named Golden Knights players.”

“I am honored and excited to help usher in the arrival of the Golden Knights,” McGuire said. “The expansion draft is an important part of building a great brand. Like all fans of the NHL, I cannot wait to see the array of players that will make up the inaugural line up of the Golden Knights.”

It should be a helpful and illuminating cap on what could be a wild run of moves, both by the Golden Knights and the NHL teams trying to mitigate the damage from the expansion draft.