Red Wings reportedly part ways with Chris Chelios, who could join the NHLPA

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Chris Chelios and the Detroit Red Wings have reportedly parted ways.

Chelios had been working on Jeff Blashill’s coaching staff as an assistant. However, according to Darren Dreger of TSN, his contract, which was expiring at the end of June, has now been terminated.

From Dreger:

“I’m told that Chelios went to the Detroit Red Wings to say that he was involved with (NHL player agents) Anton Thun, Kurt Overhardt and Rich Winter, as they try to strengthen the National Hockey League Players’ Association and there could perhaps be a role within the PA as an ombudsman. Well, you can’t work for the Detroit Red Wings and get involved in this process, so to make it clean, the Detroit Red Wings essentially cut him loose.”

The Red Wings have not made any official announcements.

Chelios’ role as an assistant, as defined by the Red Wings, included watching the games from the press box, and giving feedback to the rest of the staff during the game, as well as working with players during practice.

Chelios retired as a player in August 2010 after 26 seasons in the NHL. At the same time, he also passed on a role with the NHLPA, saying he wanted to spend time with his family.

As a player, he was involved in — and outspoken on — a number of different union matters, including accusing player agent Donny Meehan of “undermining” the NHLPA following the firing of former union boss Ted Saskin in 2007.