Video: Finnish call on Pekka Rinne’s save is astounding as save itself


The Pekka Rinne redemption tour continued in Game 4 on Monday, and his highlight-reel save during a sequence started by Sidney Crosby might have been the stop of the Stanley Cup Final (if not the entire postseason).

He was superb to the point that it shouldn’t just be about that desperation stop from the Nashville Predators’ 4-1 win against the Pittsburgh Penguins … but that really was a jaw-dropper. passes along what might be this year’s answer to the “Bonino, Bonino, Bonino” call, as Finnish announcer Antti Mäkinen delighted and startled with his boisterous play-by-play for Rinne’s ridiculous stop. (Hear NBC’s take here.)

Great stuff, right? As a reminder, here is that Nick Bonino-related call from last year.