Crosby denies chirp, says Subban just ‘likes the attention’


NASHVILLE — There are always a few silly storylines in every Stanley Cup Final, and after three games of Predators-Penguins, we sure have a silly one in this series.

Amazingly, it doesn’t even involve a catfish.

Last night after Game 3, Predators defenseman P.K. Subban accused Penguins captain Sidney Crosby of telling Subban he had bad breath.

Now, some people hate these storylines and think they’re a complete waste of time. But many others enjoy them as a fun diversion, so this morning, Crosby was asked about it.

“Yeah, he made that up,” Crosby said. “I didn’t say that.”

So, is Subban just trying to get under his skin?

“That’s part of it,” said Crosby. “He likes the attention and things like that. If he wants to make stuff up, what can I do?”

This morning, Subban did not admit to making it up. He did, however, say he enjoyed playing against Crosby, and not just for the chirps.

“It’s always great playing against the world’s best players,” said Subban, “and he’s the world’s best player.”