Video: Rinne allows shaky Guentzel goal after Aberg’s beauty


Pontus Aberg‘s 1-0 goal received a mention in this post about how the penalties and breaks seemed to be going the Nashville Predators’ way in Game 2 after … not so much in Game 1.

It deserved it’s own look thanks to its sheer beauty, but now it’s also worth another look as a contrast to how bad Jake Guentzel‘s 1-1 goal was against Pekka Rinne.

You can criticize Matt Murray a bit for the Aberg goal, but it remains a tremendous individual effort and also a move that could have conceivably beaten just about any goalie.

If Guentzel and the Penguins continue to get these spirit-crushing goals (see above this post’s headline), you have to wonder about Rinne’s confidence going forward. He’s been a Conn Smythe-caliber goalie for much of the Stanley Cup Playoffs, but things can shift quickly in this sport.

It’s another goal for Guentzel, who could help the Penguins remain competitive even if they make tough decisions this offseason.