Guy Boucher explains why he kept changing goalies in Game 5


PITTSBURGH — One of the stranger moments in the Pittsburgh Penguins’ 7-0 win on Sunday afternoon came late in the first period when Ottawa Senators coach Guy Boucher took a page out of the Mike Keenan playbook and made multiple goalie changes within five minutes of clock time.

The first change came after Bryan Rust scored to give the Penguins a 3-0 lead with just under four minutes to play in the period, resulting in Boucher removing starter Craig Anderson and replacing him with backup Mike Condon.

After Condon played just a little more than one minute (and made a huge save on Josh Archibald), Boucher decided to go back to Anderson for the remainder of the period.

After the game, Boucher explained his thought process behind the decision. Basically, he was trying to slow down a game that was rapidly getting away from his team without having to use a timeout.

“You want to keep your timeout, you might need it later,” said Boucher. “I thought I was just trying to stall things without taking a timeout then just put him back in.”

Anderson would then give up a fourth goal after returning and was pulled for good at the start of the second period.

Boucher explained that he wanted Anderson to know he has confidence in him, but also did not want to have him play the rest of the game given where it was headed.

“He is my man, I have total confidence in him, and I want him to know that,” said Boucher. “I wanted him to go back out there. But when I saw where the game was going, well, he did not have to live that for the rest of the game.”

Anderson allowed four goals on 14 shots, while Condon allowed three goals on 22 shots.