Milbury, Jones would start Murray over Fleury for Penguins in Game 4


Mike Sullivan hasn’t tipped his hand yet regarding whether Marc-Andre Fleury or Matt Murray will be the Pittsburgh Penguins’ starter against the Ottawa Senators for Game 4.

Strategically, it would make sense for him to play coy even if he knows.

If he really doesn’t, that would be understandable, too. Murray missed a huge chunk of playoff time because of an injury, and during that span, Fleury’s been mostly outstanding.

Mike Milbury has advice for Sullivan: don’t be sentimental. The Penguins might need a boost, and Murray seems more likely to provide that edge; both Milbury and Keith Jones agree that Murray is the best choice for Game 4.

That contest will air at 8 p.m. ET on NBCSN on Friday. You can also watch it online and via the NBC Sports App. Click here for the livestream link.