What reportedly caused Sabres’ Kyle Okposo to be hospitalized


About a month ago, word surfaced that Buffalo Sabres forward Kyle Okposo had been released from hospitalization. Now there are reports detailing what might have been ailing him.

Teammate William Carrier revealed that Okposo’s initial issue was a concussion, according to John Vogl of the Buffalo News by way of RDS.

Vogl also cites Sabres Prospects’ Kris Baker, who reports that Okposo was hospitalized because of an adverse reaction to medication he was taking to treat that concussion.

These aren’t official details from the Sabres, who haven’t provided a lot of information regarding Okposo’s condition.

If this is all true, it seems like mostly good news. A concussion is never something to take lightly – some can threaten a career – but Okposo was placed in intensive care, so there were even greater concerns regarding the 29-year-old’s health.

There’s no indication yet regarding when he might return to NHL competition. On the bright side, he has plenty of time to heal up during the summer, though considering the situation overall, he also might need to miss some time in 2017-18.

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