‘GoldenEye,’ grunge and other silly Capitals, Penguins details before Game 7


There are a lot of stats flying around as the Washington Capitals and Pittsburgh Penguins get ready to engage in one of two epic Game 7 matchups tonight.

The NHL provided some very, very interesting nuggets here. Most of the bits revolve around why Justin Williams really does deserve his “Mr. Game 7” moniker and why the Penguins will challenge that nickname considering their historical edges on the Capitals.

But let’s be honest: that’s all so mathy.

With your tensions likely rising heading into this decisive game – especially if you’re a huge fan of either side – you probably want some dumb things. So PHT will oblige.

NHL.com’s Katie Brown is surprised by Jay Beagle‘s favorite video game choice, as it isn’t “Mario Kart.” Instead, it’s another Nintendo 64 staple “GoldenEye.” Really, though, it’s disappointing that he isn’t a fan of “Nintendogs.”

That NHLPA Q&A is pretty great, and it might inspire you to go down a rabbit hole of these features, especially considering the handwriting you’d make fun of if your handwriting was any better. Anyway, Sidney Crosby‘s bit from 2016 is another example of his fairly adorable friendship with Evgeni Malkin (Geno’s side here).


Finally, the tidbit that inspired this post: apparently Brooks Orpik is getting to play some Pearl Jam and Soundgarden before Game 7, which obviously means that the penalty box must be considered a “Rusty Cage.”

Good stuff. OK, so now you’re truly ready for Caps – Pens Game 7, right?