Like hockey fans, Lucic doesn’t know what goalie interference is anymore


You know how they say that comedy is “tragedy plus time?” Milan Lucic probably needs a little more time to back up his words about goalie interference calls being a “joke.”

Right now he’s just really, really mad, a scary sight for anyone who notes the power and strength Lucic boasts, especially when on a mission.

The Anaheim Ducks sent Game 5 to overtime (and eventually won the contest to take a 3-2 series lead) after Rickard Rakell scored a very controversial 3-3 goal, which more than a few people believed involved goalie interference. Take a look at it, noting Ryan Kesler‘s involvement in particular:

Lucic provided some of the angriest comments in response to that goal, as TSN’s Frank Seravalli notes.

“I don’t even know what goalie interference is anymore. It’s a joke,” Lucic said. “If someone knows what goalie interference is anymore, please call me and tell me.”

The parallels between the controversies regarding what the NFL defines as a catch (or not) and the goalie interference confusion keep getting stronger. Some might say that the NHL’s headaches are even more profound.

Especially because, you know, angry Lucic.

Are you trembling even if you weren’t at fault? *nervous laugh*

During his post-game comments, Todd McLellan also said that he doesn’t know what goalie interference is anymore.

Plenty of observers were unhappy with that verdict. Occasional NBC analyst Ray Ferraro’s tweet was especially amusing.

“All gummed up.” That’s both a fitting and funny way to put it. Maybe Lucic will be able to laugh about this stuff with some time.

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