Toews, Kane, Blackhawks feel emptiness, shock after sweep to Predators


Even those who picked the Nashville Predators to upset the Chicago Blackhawks didn’t anticipate a clean sweep and a 13-3 goal differential. Who anticipated the series opening with two shutouts and the Blackhawks getting so little from Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews?

The Blackhawks aren’t immune to the emptiness and disappointment that came with being absolutely dominated by the Predators.

Jonathan Toews described it as “falling flat on your face,” even if he also praised the “relentless” Predators. The Blackhawks captain said the only feeling that would be worse would be falling short of the playoffs while Patrick Kane admitted it would be a long summer. Especially when you see stats like these, which hit you more bluntly than any possession stats (which look great for many Predators) would do:


This was the first sweep in Predators’ franchise history and the first time the Kane – Toews – Joel Quenneville Blackhawks suffered such a fate. Things sounded truly dour, with Kane wondering if the Blackhawks were lulled into a false sense of security by close wins and Coach Q … well:


The Predators humbled the Blackhawks in this series. There are few ways to gloss over how one-sided things were at times.

Give Chicago credit for acknowledging that, even if many of their comments would mix well with an emo soundtrack.