Tortorella did not want to discuss disallowed goal


PITTSBURGH — One of the biggest moments in the Pittsburgh Penguins’ 5-2 win over the Columbus Blue Jackets on Thursday night came early in the third period when the Blue Jackets appeared to tie the game at three, only to have it immediately disallowed on a goaltender interference call.

Blue Jackets coach John Tortorella was immediately enraged on the bench not only because it took away the potential tying goal, but also because it gave the Penguins a power play.

Here is a look at the play.

The Penguins would end up scoring on the ensuing power play to help put the game away.

After the game Tortorella was in no mood to talk about the play.

“You guys watched the game, you don’t need my help with that,” said Tortorella, when asked about the call at the start of his press conference.

Later he was asked if in his opinion Fleury was out of the crease on the play, and he again repeated his desire to not discuss it.

“I am not talking about the play. Stop baiting me into it, please. There is no sense in me having a viewpoint on it. It happened.”

Once the Penguins scored on the ensuing power play that was pretty much the end of the game and the Blue Jackets’ season. Less than a minute after the Sidney Crosby power play goal the Penguins scored again to really put the game away.

As frustrated as that call obviously made him, Tortorella was still really happy with his team and the way they played in the series, saying “it was not a 4-1 series.” The Blue Jackets certainly had their share of chances, storming out of the gate in every game in the series and firing 51 shots on goal on Thursday. But it just wasn’t enough to slow down the Penguins’ offense.

“I learned that we’re a good team,” said Tortorella. “I’m not going to the young and inexperienced angle.  I’m not going there. I thought our guys had no fear. That is a very good team we played. We put a ton of good minutes in. I’m proud of our club, I am. I’m not going to piss and moan about it. They won. We have to lick our wounds and learn. I can’t wait to get going again with them, quite honestly, I’m proud of them.”