Even Blue Jackets are taken aback by fan’s weird Zach Werenski tribute shirt


Is it us, or is this postseason already a great one for weird-but-wonderful fan displays?

Think about it, we’re completing the first week of action and there’s already been:

That’s quite the start, and there are almost certainly more amusing and impressive examples of fans going the extra mile. If you want to up the level of bizarre, though, well … feast your eyes on this guy, who baffled even the sardonic Columbus Blue Jackets feed.

… Goodness.

In case you can’t tell, that’s a tribute to Zach Werenski‘s wounds from Game 3 of Penguins – Blue Jackets, when he posted this selfie.

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So, are we going to see an arms war in fan shirts now? Some of us … wouldn’t complain.

Here’s an update on his face: