Ott causes chaos, Weber fights Miller as violence escalates for Rangers, Habs


You can say a lot of things about the chaos that ensued between the Montreal Canadiens and New York Rangers during the second period of Game 2, but if there’s one consensus, it’s probably:

“Wait, how did the Canadiens get a power play out of that?”

The Rangers did indeed receive the extra minor penalty after an exchange that involved a big hit by hyper-pest Steve Ott, a semi-brawl with Shea Weber and J.T. Miller and … well, there was just a lot going on. Check out the carnage in the video above.

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And, again, onlookers were bewildered.

This game, which just suddenly went 3-2 for the Rangers, has been a thrill-a-minute. Unless you think that they’re rotating thrills with hits, hate and trash talk.

Either way, it’s awfully entertaining.