Thornton sure thinks he’ll play for Sharks in playoffs; Couture skates


There’s nothing vague about Joe Thornton‘s update about the playoffs: he said there’s “no doubt” he’ll be ready to go for the San Jose Sharks.

Jumbo Joe’s claim comes after very positive news from NBC Sports California’s Kevin Kurz that both Thornton and Logan Couture returned to the ice on Wednesday.

While Thornton deals with a lower-body issue that might not be as bad as some feared (he considers it a day-to-day thing), Couture is coming to grips with the facial protection he’ll need following his grisly mouth injury.

“It’s tough to look down and find the puck on the ice,” Couture said. “But, that’s what I’m going to have to get used to. It’s all about protection right now, protecting my mouth area. That thing is going to do the job, so have to deal with it.”

Here’s hoping such difficulties don’t put the talented forward in a position to receive a big hit during the playoffs. Maybe he can get in a little game experience before the postseason begins just to acclimate himself to such changes?

Eh … the risk may outweigh the reward a bit in that regard.

Anyway, this is promising stuff for a Sharks team that leans heavily on their top guys. It’s important to note that it’s early … but again, Thornton sure seems confident.

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