Video: Devils honor Elias; Eric Staal celebrates 1,000th game with Jordan

Yuck, there have been a lot of negative hockey headlines lately. From Brad Marchand‘s spear (and the flame-war that might inspire) to the NHL skipping the 2018 Winter Olympics (and the gross lockout talk that emerges), hockey fans might be feeling a little down.

Plus there’s just¬†so much work week left.

With that in mind, let’s splice two feel-good bits together in one post, shall we?

First, in the video above you can see the New Jersey Devils honor the career of great forward Patrik Elias.

If that doesn’t lift your spirits, behold Eric Staal being congratulated for his 1,000th game by his brother Jordan Staal:

Ah, that’s a little better. (Turns out that Wild game was quite the generator of good feelings.)


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