PHT Morning Skate: Kris Draper looks back at the ’90s ‘feud’ between the Avs and Wings

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–Are the Colorado Avalanche the worst team ever during the cap era? The Hockey News’ Sean McIndoe investigates by taking into account their record, basic numbers, advanced stats and more. In the end, they may be just a notch better than a couple of other cap era teams. (The Hockey News)

–We all know that the NHL will be expanding to Las Vegas next season, but how’s it going to work? Wayne Gretzky believes there’s a really good chance that things will work out perfectly well in the newest market. “Las Vegas is going to get an opportunity to pick some great players from all 30 teams. We have to put a half-decent product there… instead of putting the worst team together and after two years saying hockey Las Vegas isn’t a hockey city.” (Sportsnet)

–Speaking of the expansion draft, The Score put together a mock expansion list for each team in the Metropolitan Division. According to these lists, Michael Grabner (Rangers), Ryan Murray (Blue Jackets), Olli Maattaa (Penguins) and Brooks Orpik (Capitals) could all be available for Vegas. (The Score)

Steve Mason and the Philadelphia Flyers shut down the high-powered Pittsburgh Penguins on Wednesday night. You can watch the highlights of that game by clicking the video at the top of the page.

–Former Red Wings forward Kris Draper wrote a piece about the bloody brawls between Detroit and Colorado for The Players’ Tribune. Draper explained what happened to him during the 1996 playoffs after he was hit from behind. “I looked up at our trainer and he was blurry, but I could see this look of horror on his face. I’ll never forget that look. He put a towel over my head to hide my injuries. The last thing I remember is him and Keith Primeau helping me to my feet and escorting me off the ice to the dressing room.” (The Players’ Tribune)

–In the latest episode of The CHat,” Canadiens teammates Max Pacioretty and Shea Weber asked each other some pretty strange questions. For example, Pacioretty says he thinks Weber will be a lumberjack after his playing days are over. (

–The NHL’s Green Week is being held between Mar. 11-17 and former Rangers goalie Mike Richter is helping promote it. According to this article, there are over 4,800 rinks in North America that are over 30 years old, and they each come with very high operating costs. The goal is to find a way to keep their costs low so they don’t go out of business. ” When you think of nearly 5,000 rinks across North America, these things are operating in a very tight margin and in the end you see a lot go out of business because they can’t bring in enough revenue to support that payment schedule. If you suddenly make them more efficient with off-the-shelf technology it would be eliminating massive amounts of maintenance.” (