Video: Matt Murray stays on ice despite knee to head/mask

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More than a few people wondered if Corey Crawford should have gotten a look from concussion spotters after taking a scary Shea Weber shot to the head/mask on Tuesday. A similar debate cropped up regarding Matt Murray tonight.

Now, it doesn’t seem as extreme – Murray took a wayward knee rather than a blistering shot, and seemed more shaken and less … wobbly, like Crawford appeared to be – yet it’s another situation to monitor.

And, speaking of monitoring the situation, is this a mere coincidence or should we wonder if the league’s concussion spotters are being more lenient with goalies staying on the ice? Maybe the moments were merely missed or the opportunity passed?

Crawford stayed in last night’s game and was a big reason why Chicago beat Montreal. Murray is keeping the Penguins in tonight’s contest against the Flyers, though Philly enters the third period with a 2-0 lead.

We’ll see if Murray starts the final frame for Pittsburgh, but so far, it looks like a dodged bullet.

Now, does that mean the NHL has something to discuss? Perhaps.