Corey Crawford stays in after taking Shea Weber shot to mask


The NHL’s concussion spotters are exercising their power to take seemingly affected players out of games to a pretty successful degree this season. Sometimes to the point of annoying goalies like Mike Smith.

Did they miss one with Corey Crawford during Tuesday’s game between the Chicago Blackhawks and Montreal Canadiens, though?

Crawford sure seemed shaken up – understandably so – after taking a hard Shea Weber shot to his head/mask. Considering his status as the NHL’s reigning hardest-shooter (or at least at the All-Star Games), Weber may literally be the last guy you’d want taking the shot that left Crawford looking in peril.

He didn’t leave the game, however, prompting people to question the process.

The Blackhawks ended the second period up 2-0 … and with Crawford still in the net.