Video: Getzlaf loses his head, covers Panik’s; Stick caught in Tkachuk’s visor


With players suffering injuries and coaches getting angry, Thursday night might need a little comic relief.

Consider this a combo boost of amusing moments, though your mileage may vary with Ryan Getzlaf‘s mini-bout with Richard Panik. The Ducks ended up shutting out the Blackhawks thanks to a strong performance by Jonathan Bernier.

You can watch that fight in the video above, while Alex Galchenyuk‘s stick got caught in Matthew Tkachuk‘s helmet/visor from what’s so far been a blowout game for the Flames against the Canadiens:

Calgary ended up handling the Habs 5-0, but injuries marred the night. Also, Kris Versteeg fought Paul Byron:

This Getty Images shot explains some of the comic elements of that moment:

via Getty

Also, check out Getzlaf getting in the extra shot. That’s bad fighting etiquette, folks.

Finally, there is this comparison: