Salary cap projection of $76 million comes with the usual caveat


Next season’s salary cap could go as high as $76 million, NHL deputy commissioner Bill Daly told reporters today in Florida.

Of course, that projection came with the usual caveat that the NHLPA would first need to approve the five percent growth factor. And with the players’ ongoing concerns over escrow, that’s never a guarantee. If the players propose no growth factor, the cap could stay right around its current level of $73 million.

In other news from Florida, where the league’s general managers have been meeting the past three days, there will indeed be a new “bye week” format next season. Over two dedicated weeks, half the teams will take their bye the first week, then the other half will take it the next week.

As far as rules changes are concerned, nothing earth-shattering — the GMs will recommend to the Competition Committee that teams no longer be allowed to call timeout after an icing.

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