Ho-Sang scores first NHL goal, now you can compare it to Lemieux’s (Video)


Some people are annoyed that New York Islanders forward Joshua Ho-Sang is wearing 66, the same number that Mario Lemieux made famous. Others are annoyed that people are annoyed.

So, with Ho-Sang scoring his first NHL goal on Tuesday, the only mature thing to do would be to allow those people to argue about the situation again. It’s a public service, really.

Ho-Sang wasn’t able to score his first goal in his first shift in his first game. Instead, it happened late in the first period of his fourth game. Still pretty good.

Here’s the tally off a howling¬†shot:

And here’s an inevitable (and quite-solid) joke about it all.

Now, enjoy Mario Lemieux’s famous “first shift, first game, first goal,” for needless comparison’s sake. Have fun.