Martin Jones with an odd jersey save (Video)


Sunday presented at least two instances of double-take near-goals. Moments that made for some challenging video reviews, just in time for this week’s upcoming GM meetings.

Chris Stewart sure seemed to believe that he put the Minnesota Wild up 2-0 against the San Jose Sharks, and Martin Jones didn’t seem to know what happened … although he showed the wherewithal to keep this in the jersey save category, even if save maybe deserves a question mark.

The league provided a pretty straightforward explanation:

At 12:45 of the first period in the Sharks/Wild game, video review confirmed the referee’s call on the ice that the puck did not cross the San Jose goal line. No goal Minnesota.

The Wild seemed to shake that setback off pretty well, as Eric Staal made it 2-0 for real with a goal a few minutes later. San Jose did get one goal back to end the first, however.

The Sharks – or at least the people behind their Twitter feed – believe that this was highlight reel material.

(Jake McCabe‘s save might warrant a higher spot on said “Top 10,” though.)