Bruins’ McQuaid needed 25 stitches after taking skate to the neck


Scary moment in Saturday’s Boston-New Jersey game when Bruins defenseman Adam McQuaid was hit in the neck by the skate of teammate David Backes late in the third period.

On Sunday, the Bruins revealed that McQuaid needed 25 stitches as a result of the incident. As bad and as scary as that is, that could have easily been a lot worse, all things considered.  The Bruins expect McQuaid to be able to play on Monday against the Ottawa Senators in what is going to be a massive game in the Eastern Conference playoff race.

Said Cassidy on McQuaid being able to play, “he’s a tough customer.”

This is a look at the play that injured McQuaid.

In 60 games this season McQuaid has scored two goals and added six assists for the Bruins while logging more than 17 minutes of ice time per game.