Nationals star Bryce Harper is a Golden Knights fan; Capitals are sad


Star athletes get away with things others might not, like openly rooting for teams in other sports that don’t represent the cities that employ them.

We’ve seen it with Lebron James and the New York Yankees (though he was very publicly rooting for the Cleveland Indians too … this is confusing), and now it appears that the Vegas Golden Knights have an unlikely fan: Washington Nationals super-star and fancy hair enthusiast Bryce Harper.

The Golden Knights shared this shot of Harper wearing some Golden Knights gear on Saturday:

This made the Capitals have a sad.

It’s easy enough to understand Harper’s reasoning: he’s from Las Vegas, so why not throw in his hat to support the new franchise? Then again, Nova Caps points out that Harper was also seen wearing Chicago Blackhawks gear (gasp) so perhaps the Caps should have seen this massive betrayal coming.

In other news, Harper’s Twitter feed is sparse yet entertaining.