Coyotes arena drama awakens: Arizona State University ends Tempe talks


Back in November, it seemed like there was serious optimism that the Arizona Coyotes might work with Arizona State University to bring the team to Tempe. Friday splashed some cold water on that idea.

ASU pulled out of any deal with the Coyotes in a statement tonight, according to breaking news from the Arizona Republic.

Arizona State University on Friday evening said the university “has no intention of proceeding to sign a development agreement or an option to lease or any other agreement with the Coyotes.”

It’s unclear what inspired this development, although the Arizona Republic notes that Sen. Bob Worsley introduced legislation with hopes of keeping the Coyotes in Arizona this week. Maybe it’s a coincidence, or perhaps something in Worsley’s proposal scared off ASU?

Either way, it seems like a blow to the Coyotes, a franchise that was enjoying quite a surge in optimism as of late.

This doesn’t mean that this was the last straw in this seemingly never-ending story, though. Really, this thing might outlast all of us.